Lori Ann Roth


Trainer, Coach, Author, Speaker, Lori Ann Roth Ph.D is a life-long learner who is dedicated to helping people learn to be their best. Dr. Roth is the President of “Learning and…Reflective Growth,” a company that specializes in training and coaching. She has dedicated her education, knowledge, and experience to enhancing the personal and professional development of others. “Be the best YOU” is her favorite affirmation. She supports people as they explore self-awareness and live authentic lives. She is a creative and an experienced learning and development professional who has been in the field for over 35 years. She facilitates fun, yet educational experiences for her training (face to face and online) and coaching clients.

Dr. Roth is a certified coach and a skilled facilitator as well as a Distinguished Toastmaster. She loves to help others learn and grow. Her specialty areas include: Leadership Development, Coaching, Training, Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Instructional Design, and Public Speaking. To find out more visit