Priorities vs Priority

Rebecca Kochenderfer


Did you know that the word Priority was not meant to be used in its plural form? The Latin root of the
word priority means “first.†You can’t have more than one “first†and yet we use the word “priorities†all
the time. As if we can have multiple #1’s. No wonder we sometimes feel overwhelmed.

I believe there is great value and peace in living from a place of priority (singular), rather than a place of
priorities (plural). Today, I want to share with you three techniques that I have found to be very useful.
(I like to journal these questions in the morning.)

1) You can ask yourself, “What is my #1 priority today? What can I do today that will make the
biggest difference?â€

2) You can use the Paredo Principle — The 80-20 Rule. “What should I focus my efforts on today?
What takes up 20% of my time and energy, but gives 80% of the results?â€

3) You can go old-school and make a master to-do list. Then rate each item as A, B, or C.
A = Important and Urgent (must be done today)
B = Important, but not Urgent
C = Not Urgent, Not Important

I hope this is helpful to you. These questions are so simple, yet they really bring clarity.

Wishing you all the best,

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