Expressive Writing

Dig Deep and Unearth New Insight and Understanding

Expressive writing is a form of therapeutic journaling every journaler will want to know about and try. Scientific research shows that this form of writing has a measurable impact on both mental and physical well-being.

Implementing expressive writing into your journaling routine provides opportunities to dig deep and unearth new insight and understanding to help process grief, trauma, anxiety and other emotional difficulties.

Unlike some methods of journaling, expressive writing does not focus on tasks or on relaying details from the day. This form of writing explores the stories that we tell ourselves and provides an opportunity to take hold of our personal narratives and reframe how we understand and process them.

Expressive writing is deeply personal and free flowing. This method often does not follow a particular format and can be written without regard to spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Get started with your Expressive Writing