Welcome to the Partner Program Page!

Our Partner Program is designed to give early-adopter partners of access to our growing audience with more flexible spending than typically associated with online marketing.

The Partner Program has an introductory cost of only $100 per month and in exchange our partners receive quarterly marketing placements to help them introduce their services to our audience. Here’s how it works:

Partners receive a listing in our resource guide, making them part of an elite group of experts in a variety of fields that might be of impact to anyone who journals.

Month 3
Partners receive an article on our site, written by the partner with their byline appearing, and then our team Google optimizes the article so that more people on our site and beyond will find your article. Once they arrive on the site, they’ll also find your listing in our resource guide!

Month 6
Inclusion in one of our monthly promotion, for example “Freebie February” where we feature special offers from our partners throughout the entire month on all of our channels (website, email, social media).

Quarter 4
A banner advertisement in our a monthly newsletter to our entire audience, giving you direct exposure. Provide an attractive offer for your services and, upon request, we’ll also include links to your article and your listing in our resource guide.

There is no long term contract, you can cancel at anytime, but upon cancellation any existing content would be removed from our website.