6 Things I Love About Journalers

Rebecca Kochenderfer


  1. Journalers aren’t afraid of homework (READING, REFLECTING, JOURNALING, MEDITATING).
  2. They value their AUTHENTICITY.
  3. They’re hungry for emotional HONESTY.
  4. They have a sense of their INTUITIVE KNOWING.
  5. They want to TRUST THEMSELVES more.
  6. Journalers want to GROW.

BOTTOM LINE: Journalers are bad-asses. They aren’t afraid to do significant work on themselves.

(This list was inspired by Debbie Happy Cohen, Founder of Joy Based Living LLC. Thanks Debbie!)

Speaking of bad-asses… Four of our members have written books! Please join me in
celebrating and congratulating…

  • Merle Saferstein
  • Lynda Monk & Eric Maisel, and
  • Amy Maricle

Merle Saferstein… took her 359 journals, compiled over the course of 42 years, and turned them into: Living and Leaving My Legacy. Volumes l and II. Merle is an expert on Legacy Journaling and she has carefully curated her passages on a variety of subjects, illustrating the power of journaling and how reflection has the power to help and heal. They can be ordered from Amazon or from Merle’s website: Congratulations Merle!

Lynda Monk & Eric Maisel have created: The Great Book of Journaling: How Journaling Writing Can Support a Life of Wellness, Creativity, Meaning and Purpose. Learn from the Best. They rounded up 40 of the top journal experts in the world to explain exactly what journal writing can do for you! The Greate Book of Journaling is full of practical tips, evidence-based research, and rich anecdotes from their coaching, teaching, therapy work with journal writers, and their personal journal writing. Available at: Lynda & Eric, how lovely that you included 40 other journaling experts in the world in your book. Congratulations to the two of you, AND to your 40 writing partners. Thank you all for creating this book for us.

Amy Maricle teaches Art Journaling and this is her long-awaited first book. Discover the relaxing, mindful practice of slow drawing… Whether you enjoy drawing and doodling or are looking for a way to de-stress, boost creativity, and reconnect with what matters most, Amy’s guide will invite you into the soothing art of slow drawing. With 25 nature- inspired patterns designed to relax the mind, Draw Yourself Calm provides a welcome break from this stressful, always-on world. Ditch perfectionism, tune in to the moment, and nurture yourself creatively and spiritually – one line at a time. Available on Amazon at: Link: Congratulations Amy! Writing a book is a very impressive thing.

P.S. For those of you who made it to the bottom of this article (smile), the IAJW (International Association of Journal Writers), has a free gift for you — 20 Journal Prompts & Affirmations to Cultivate Gratitude. No charge at: Thank you IAJW!

So proud of our members. I guess I could add a “7 th thing I love about journalers…
Journalers write books!

This is Rebecca Kochenderfer, wishing you happy journaling.

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