Permission to Be Human

Rebecca Kochenderfer


Permission To Be Human

I learned about these excellent journaling questions from Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson.
You may want to save this for when you need it, or forward it on to a friend in need. Even reading
through the questions quickly will be helpful because you will see the thought process behind the
questions. (Notice the curiosity and compassion.)

Life is not a straight line. Sometimes you disappoint yourself. This reflective journaling exercise can help you find the gift in the regret.

  1. What was the situation, what happened?
  2. What triggered you to do this? Can you identify a trigger?
  3. When did you recognize that this was a negative event?
  4. What led up to this event? What had you been feeling?
  5. Did you have any sabatoging thoughts right beforehand?
  6. How do you feel now, after the event?
  7. Had you been doing your normal meditating and journaling? Had you been doing other forms of
    self-care? Or was your “tank†completely empty?
  8. What could you do differently next time?
  9. What have you learned?
  10. What action can you commit to taking right now to get you back on track?

This is Rebecca Kochenderfer with, encouraging you to show yourself unconditional love
and compassion.

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