Find the Joy in Today


Let’s be honest. Joy is easier to find some days than others. When the sun is shining, our families are well, work is fulfilling, and we have free time for play, joy feels abundant. We don’t have to look for it or give it a name. It just is.  

Inevitably, rainy days come, the people we love hurt, work changes, and in the midst of the pressure we forget how to play. These days are difficult but also significant. When we accept life’s challenge to learn to find joy even in tough times, we develop resilience and inner peace that endures.

So where do we find joy? How do we cultivate good feelings when they are nowhere to be found? The research is clear; journaling is a powerful, well-proven tool that helps manifest joyfulness.

Journaling allows us to:

  • practice gratitude
  • cultivate affirming thinking
  • be in the here and now
  • reframe ideas and put them in a positive or growth-oriented light
  • live mindfully

30 Days of Joy: How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness is an excerpt from an upcoming book by’s founder, Rebecca Kochenderfer.

Rebecca introduces you, week by week, to new joy habits that will transform the way you experience life. Discover the many ways journaling helps rewire the brain for a more optimistic and proactive outlook.

Featuring a collection of inspiring prompts, this guide provides a series of activities that will reset your thinking and open up pathways that lead to peace, joy, and confidence.

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