Unconditional Love

Rebecca Kochenderfer


I had a MAJOR Breakthrough in my Morning Pages

As you know, Morning Pages tell the truth.

My son was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is expected to make a full recovery, but I found myself
overwhelmed with feelings of fear and hate towards the cancer. As I did my Morning Pages, the dark
feelings I had been experiencing flowed out of my heart and onto the page.

I felt better and better as I acknowledged my feelings, slowed down, and put my thoughts into words.
Halfway through the second page, I wrote these two words:


My pen started moving faster and faster.

Unconditional love is not just about loving people.
Unconditional love is also about loving the events in your life,

Even when they don’t love you back.

When you are able to have unconditional love for all the situations in your life — even illness, divorce,
betrayals, losing a job. When you can love your way through these…
Now my friend, you are living life at a high level.

Is there something you can do today to help you practice unconditional love?

This is Rebecca Kochenderfer from, wishing you happy journaling.

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